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Gleizes Genevieve

I was looking to test several longtail bikes with my kids before buying one. The team took the time to introduce me and let me try out all their longtails, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!


Great team, attentive to my needs and responsive to my technical questions by e-mail. I had the opportunity to test their longtail with my two daughters. All three of us were very excited



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Absolutely! We understand that every user has specific needs. That’s why we offer the possibility of configuring the cargo bike according to your test preferences. Whether you want a front cushion and seat, two seats, or any other configuration, we make sure to prepare the bike exactly as you want it. This allows you to have a test experience as close as possible to what your daily use would be like.

Welgo: What is it?

Welgo is the reference service for all those who want to test a longtail before buying it. But that’s not all. What sets Welgo apart is its unique value proposition: we come directly to your home to let you try out the bike. Yes, that’s right. No need to go to a store or rental point. Welgo takes care of everything.

Why choose Welgo?

Test ride at home:
– No more hassle of going to the store. Welgo brings the bike straight to your home.

– Test the bike in your usual environment, on the roads and paths you use every day.

Test it with your children:
– Are you planning to use the longtail to transport your children? With Welgo, you can get them on board and test the bike in real-life conditions.

– It’s the ideal way to assess the bike’s comfort, safety and practicality for the whole family.

Extensive coverage:
– Whether you’re in Paris or the suburbs, Welgo is at your service. Our aim is to make bike testing as convenient and accessible as possible.


Buying a cargo or longtail bike is an investment. Before taking the plunge, it’s essential to test it out. Here’s why.

Comfort and ergonomics:
Every cargo or longtail bike has its own ergonomics. Testing allows you to feel whether the saddle, handlebars and posture are comfortable for you. Make sure the cargo or longtail bike fits your body type.

These bikes are longer and heavier than standard bikes. By testing, you can assess how easy it is to maneuver in town or on trails. The maneuverability of a cargo or longtail bike is crucial for everyday use.

Load capacity:
These bikes are designed to carry heavy loads. Testing allows you to see how the bike reacts with weight. A good cargo or longtail bike should balance the load effectively.

Safety is paramount, especially if you’re transporting children or valuable goods. When testing, check brakes, lights and stability. Make sure the cargo or longtail bike offers optimum safety.

Adaptability to terrain:
Some models are better suited to the city, others to the countryside. Testing the bike on different terrains gives you a better idea of its versatility. The ideal cargo or longtail bike should adapt to your usual routes.


Don’t underestimate the importance of testing a cargo or longtail bike before you buy. It’s the key to finding the perfect bike for you.