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Fumiko Suzuki
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It was the best idea of the summer! We rented a longtail bike 43 for a whole month in Paris. As soon as we arrived, the bike was waiting for us, ready to pedal around the yard. The bike is stylish, and we got a lot of positive attention from people...
Jill Slater
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Seamless and wonderful. Great bike. Great delivery service!
Léticia Ferreira
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Great team, attentive to my needs and responsive to my technical questions by e-mail. I had the opportunity to test their longtail with my two daughters. All three of us were very excited
Pedrero Philia
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Great bike rental service in Paris! Nicolas is very pleasant and attentive, I highly recommend him.
Suzanne Aussurde
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I rented a longtail electric bike to visit Paris with my two children. The concept is brilliant, with delivery and return of the bike directly to your home. We loved it!

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Location vélo cargo Paris

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You have two options:

  • We deliver your cargo bike to where you’re staying, anywhere in Paris (Monday to Sunday).
  • Pick up your cargo bike at one of our relay points

3. All you have to do is enjoy!

Discover Paris in a different way aboard a fully equipped cargo bike. Our specially adapted cargo bike travel guide will help you discover Paris… differently!

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Cargo bike rental Paris Welgo

4. Premium service: Enjoy, we'll take care of the rest!

The price of a Welgo rental includes a full range of services: repairs in the event of breakage, comprehensive insurance against theft, breakage and damage.

Electric bike rental

  • New for 2024: Rent a cargo bike and an electric bike to take the whole family for a ride!
  • Possibility of renting several electric bikes
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The best way to visit Paris with your family


Yes, we can set up the cargo bike according to your specific needs, whether it’s with a front cushion, two seats, or other configurations. Just let us know your preferences when booking, and we’ll ensure the bike is ready as you like it.

We love seeing our clients enjoy Paris on a cargo bike! You can share your photos and memorable moments using the hashtag #Welgo on social media. It’s a great way to show others the joy of exploring Paris with family on a bike.

Yes, we provide a travel guide specially designed for cargo bike users. This guide will help you discover the best routes, must-see sites, and tips to make the most of Paris by bike. With our recommendations, you’ll have a unique and memorable experience in the capital.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in a longer-term rental, we offer specific subscription plans. This allows you to enjoy Paris on a cargo bike over an extended period while benefiting from a cost-effective rate. Feel free to explore our subscription offers for more details.

Indeed, we offer a travel guide tailored for cargo bike users. This guide will assist you in uncovering the best routes, essential landmarks, and tips to fully enjoy Paris on a bike. With our insights, you’ll experience the city in a unique and unforgettable way.

Ah, Paris! The City of Love, renowned for its iconic landmarks, delectable cuisine, and bustling boulevards. But with its winding streets often congested, have you ever considered a more eco-friendly, efficient, and fun way to explore? Enter the cargo or family bike. Here’s why renting one in Paris could be your best move yet.

1. Ease of Navigation:

Let’s face it; navigating through Paris’s dense traffic can be daunting. With a cargo bike rental, you’re not just choosing an eco-friendly option. You’re opting for flexibility. Easily maneuver through tight alleyways, avoid traffic snarls, and experience Paris from a refreshing vantage point.

2. Family Bonding Time:

Why split the family into separate vehicles or struggle in the metro when you can all ride together? A family bike lets you keep the kids close, share laughter, and create unforgettable Parisian memories. Plus, it’s an adventure the little ones won’t stop talking about!

3. Economical & Environmentally Friendly:

In a city where every euro counts, renting a cargo bike can save you both money and the environment. Forget about fuel expenses, parking fees, or metro tickets. And as you pedal, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, making Paris a cleaner, greener place.

4. Ample Storage:

Whether you’re on a shopping spree in Le Marais or picnicking by the Seine, cargo bikes provide ample space. No more juggling bags or leaving behind that perfect souvenir. Everything fits snugly in your bike’s spacious compartment.

5. Experience Paris like a Local:

Parisians are increasingly turning to bikes as their preferred mode of transport. By renting a family or cargo bike, you’re not just sightseeing. You’re immersing yourself in the local culture, seeing Paris through the eyes of its inhabitants.

To Sum Up:

Paris beckons with its allure and charm. And while there are myriad ways to explore this enchanting city, renting a cargo or family bike offers a unique blend of efficiency, fun, and intimacy. So why wait? On your next Parisian adventure, hop on, pedal, and rediscover the magic of Paris!