Cargo and longtail bike rental in Paris

Click and ride : Rent a cargo or longtail bike to suit your needs from as little as €5 per day. Pick up your bike whenever you want thanks to our flexible rental service.

Location vélo longtail en courte durée sur Paris

The longtail

Location vélo cargo professionnel sur Paris

The cargo

Location vélo cargo en libre service sur Paris

How does it work?


I choose my bike

Electric cargo bike for professionals or electric longtail bike for families


I choose my date

Our service is available every day of the week


I pick up my bike

I pick up my bike at the address indicated with the given code


I return my bike

I return my bike to the same address where I picked it up, taking care to reattach it properly.

Electric longtail bike rental

Our longtail bike is the ideal companion for families or couples looking for a cargo bike in Paris. For a different way of seeing the city, or to try out this fun bike, we offer it for short-term rental and self-service

Electric cargo bike rental - transport

Discover our cargo bike, the ultimate companion for professionals from all walks of life, even those who don’t cycle often. Designed for urban environments, our cargo bike offers unrivalled performance, allowing you to navigate the city with ease and efficiency. It’s the perfect solution for all your business needs, while promoting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Experience the future of urban mobility with our cargo bike.

All-inclusive service

Pick-up in the heart of Paris

Insurance against theft and breakage

Anti-theft locks and charger supplied

Repair and breakdown service
7/7 day assistance

Fully equipped cargo bike


If we haven’t answered your question, please contact us.

We offer a variety of cargo and longtail bike models to suit your business or family needs. Our electric cargo bikes let you carry heavy loads easily and comfortably, while our longtail bikes are perfect for families or groups. Contact us to find out which specific models are available for rental

You can easily reserve a bike for short or long-term rental using our website or by contacting us directly. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to reserve the bike of your choice.

You can pick up and return your rented bike at one of our designated locations in Paris. While using the bike, we recommend that you follow road safety rules and wear the safety accessories provided. You are responsible for the safety of the rented bike throughout the rental period.

Rental conditions and rates vary according to bike model and rental period. Rates are all-inclusive and include insurance and safety accessories. Contact us for specific rates and rental conditions.

They tested the Welgo service

Gleizes Genevieve
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I was looking to test several longtails bikes with my children before buying one. The team took the time to introduce me and let me test all their longtails. I can only recommend them!
Gleizes Genevieve
Patricia fernandes
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All the elements were in place for a worry-free test, a real pleasure... to be shared without moderation !
Léticia Ferreira
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Super team, attentive to my needs and responsive to my technical questions by email. I had the opportunity to test their longtail with my two daughters. All three of us were very excited
Pedrero Philia
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Great bike rental service in Paris! Nicolas is very pleasant and attentive, I highly recommend him.
Kim Lam Van
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Great experience with a very friendly, responsive team !