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Gleizes Genevieve

I was looking to test several longtail bikes with my children before purchasing one. The team took the time to introduce me and have me test all their longtails, I can only recommend !


Great team, attentive to my needs and responsive to my technical questions by email. I had the opportunity to test their longtail with my two daughters. All three of us were very excited.


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Bcargo - Professionnel

Biporteur de chez Welgo

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Biporteur de chez Welgo

The bipoteur

Unlike scooters which can be bulky and difficult to maneuver in narrow streets, scooters are more compact and more agile, which makes them more suitable for urban traffic. Professionals, such as delivery drivers, often prefer the scooter to the scooter. The biporter can be equipped with a box at the front for transporting goods (up to 250kg) or with two seats for children.

The longtail

The longtail bike has an extended luggage rack to transport up to 4 children. The longtail bike offers great flexibility and can be used for urban journeys or family rides in the countryside. It is also easy to store and transport (some models can be transported on a bike rack). Its main advantage is that it rides like a conventional bicycle, the center of gravity is low and the weight is at the rear of the bike.

The triporteur

Thanks to its three-wheel structure, the scooter offers great stability, making it easier to handle. Scooters also have a higher load capacity, making them ideal for people looking to carry large loads.

Guide : How to choose your cargo bike or longtail bike?

  • Definition: A cargo bike is a bicycle specially designed to carry loads, whether goods, equipment or even passengers. It is often used by professionals for deliveries around town, or by families to transport children or shopping.
  • Structure: A variety of configurations are possible. Some models have a platform or box at the front, while others may have an extended structure at the rear. There are also cargo bikes with a low central platform for easy loading and unloading.
  • Advantages: Cargo capacity is one of its main assets. What’s more, they offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to motorized vehicles for transporting goods in urban areas.
  • Definition: The longtail bike is a sub-category of the cargo bike. Its main distinguishing feature is its “tail” or extended rear section, hence its name. This extension makes it possible to add seats or platforms for transporting passengers or goods.
  • Structure: Unlike some cargo bikes, which may have a body at the front, the longtail is characterized by its loading space at the rear. It is often fitted with side bars to secure the load or passengers.
  • Advantages: Its elongated structure offers balanced weight distribution, making it stable even when loaded. Particularly popular with urban families for transporting several children or for longer journeys.
  • Définir vos besoins : Avant d’acheter un vélo cargo ou un vélo longtail, déterminez vos besoins. Combien de passagers ou de marchandises prévoyez-vous de transporter ? Avez-vous besoin d’un vélo pour de longs trajets ou pour de courtes distances en ville ?

  • Choisir le bon cadre : Les cadres des vélos cargo et longtail sont conçus pour être robustes. Cependant, certains cadres sont plus adaptés à la conduite en ville, tandis que d’autres sont mieux adaptés aux longs trajets.

  • Considérer le système de propulsion : Si vous habitez dans une région vallonnée ou si vous prévoyez de transporter des charges lourdes, envisagez d’opter pour un vélo cargo électrique. Cela vous aidera à gravir les côtes et à parcourir de plus longues distances sans trop d’effort.

  • Examiner les options de stockage : Les vélos longtail et cargo offrent diverses options de stockage, comme des sacoches latérales, des paniers avant, ou des plateformes. Choisissez en fonction de ce que vous prévoyez de transporter.

  • Sécurité avant tout : Assurez-vous que le vélo cargo ou longtail que vous choisissez est équipé de freins efficaces, surtout si vous prévoyez de transporter des enfants ou des charges lourdes. De plus, vérifiez la présence de réflecteurs et d’éclairages pour une meilleure visibilité.

  • Essayez avant d’acheter : Comme pour tout vélo, il est essentiel d’essayer un vélo cargo ou longtail avant de l’acheter. Cela vous permettra de voir si vous êtes à l’aise avec sa taille, son poids et sa maniabilité.