Cargo Bike Sharing for Individuals and Businesses in Paris

Rent a cargo bike for a few hours or several days in Paris

5/5 reviews on Google

Marc Laven
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J'utilise un vélo cargo de manière occasionnelle pour livrer des plantes à mes clients. Super service, répond parfaitement à mes besoins
Jill Slater
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Seamless and wonderful. Great bike. Great delivery service!
Pedrero Philia
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Super service de location de vélo sur Paris ! Nicolas est très agréable et à l’écoute, je recommande fortement.
David Polind
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Je loue un vélo cargo pour transporter du matériel de cinéma lorsque les tournages sont en dehors de Paris. Rien à dire sur le service. On attend à impatience l'application !

The Formula :

You pay only for what you consume
No agency, no waiting, no paperwork
Prices are per hour or per day

Nicolas Deparis Welgo

Any questions? Group reservations?

2 Minutes to Retrieve Your Cargo Bike

1. Sign up on our form to access our booking app

2.Pick up your keys and cargo bike at one of our parking locations, and you're ready to go !

3. All-inclusive service: Ride, and we take care of the rest !

The price of a Welgo rental includes a comprehensive service: repairs in case of damage, all-risk insurance against theft, breakage, and damages

4. Return your bike to the original parking spot when you're done


Discover our cargo bike rental service in Paris, a comprehensive solution for a worry-free experience. Our package includes a cargo bike perfectly suited for short trips, one or two folding locks to ensure the security of your bike, as well as the necessary charger. With Welgo, you have everything you need to fully enjoy your Parisian bike experience.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in a longer-term rental, we offer specific subscriptions. This allows you to enjoy Paris on a cargo bike for an extended period while benefiting from a favorable rate. Feel free to explore our subscription offers for more details.

The Challenge for Artisans and Professionals Many artisans and professionals need to deliver goods on a punctual basis. However, investing in an expensive cargo bike is not always the most practical solution, especially when delivery needs are sporadic. Additionally, time constraints related to early morning or late-night travel can make managing such a vehicle challenging.

Welgo: The Answer to Your Delivery Needs Welgo has understood these challenges and developed an innovative solution: professional cargo bike sharing. This approach allows artisans and professionals to rent a cargo bike only when needed, providing maximum flexibility.

  1. Cost Reduction: By choosing rental over purchase, businesses save significantly on the high initial costs of a cargo bike.
  2. Flexibility: Rent a cargo bike only when needed, whether for late-night or early morning deliveries.
  3. Total Autonomy: With Welgo, you manage your rental independently, without relying on a third-party delivery service.
  4. Reduced Environmental Impact: Contribute to environmental preservation by opting for a sustainable mobility solution.

The process is simple:

1. Sign up on the Welgo platform in a few easy steps.
2. Check the availability of cargo bikes in your region.
3. Reserve the cargo bike for the desired period.
4. Pick up the cargo bike at the agreed-upon time.
5. Deliver your goods with peace of mind.
6. Return the cargo bike at the end of your rental.

It’s simple and fast! Your bike will be waiting for you at one of our Click and Collect points located in parking areas in Paris, especially near train stations and hotels. Upon arrival, you will receive a message containing all the instructions to retrieve your bike independently. If you encounter any issues, our team is available 24/7.

Another option is to come directly to the store to pick up your cargo bike.


The rates for renting a professional cargo bike are customized based on your specific needs.

Simply fill out our online form, and our team will contact you to discuss your requirements, including the type of bike and delivery frequency.

We will then provide you with a unique and competitive quote tailored to your budget. Our goal is to offer you a customized, transparent, and affordable professional mobility solution.